Faculty English Literature

General Information

The Department of English Literature is offering two specialties in its bachelor’s degree programs, namely, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and English for Communication (EC), each lasting for four years. The curriculum has been designed with internationally-used and spoken English in order to go well with the commercial and public sectors’ needs. Both degrees are professionally recognized and vocationally focused, preparing the students to undergo the internship that offers them practical learning experiences. 

The TEFL program aims to develop students’ expertise in professional teaching. This program provides both theoretical and practical comprehensions to the students; therefore, they are able to increase both perceptive knowledge and real teaching practice. Students are educated with an encouraging learning environment both physically and psychologically.

The EC program aims to get students to understand theoretical knowledge of the comprehensive business environment and how to perform in business environment successfully in context of communication and operation. Along with high English knowledge, communicative competence and concept of business operation are also imparted.


To be one of the best entities in Cambodia in providing learners inventiveness for their profession and high proficiency in utilizing English as foreign language


To advance successful English learning and teaching, locally and globally, and other skills associated with social development and business

Ø    To equip updated courses in education, arts, humanities, languages and business.

Ø    To recruit highly- qualified lecturers and academic staff

Ø    To conduct research and develop activities which support the vision

Ø    To provide useful resources and materials in language development

 Curriculum of Faculty English Literature