Faculty Tourism Management

General Information

The Department of Tourism Management requires the students to study for four years and comply with the requirements in order to obtain the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management. The students always undertake both practical and theoretical tourism skills during their college lives. This subject focuses on the environmental, economic, cultural issues, sustainability and honing the students’ industrial, analytical, and researching skills. After a four-year education, each student is expected to be a graduate with not only a clear  understanding of the specific tourism sectors such as airlines, transportation, tourism hospitality and attraction management, but also with management courses like business management, environmental planning, economic and marketing management.


Educate students to serve the market demand of the tourism sector in Cambodia 


Ø   To provide strong local tourism leadership in learning and skills and support the development of a highly skilled local workforce

Ø     To develop a curriculum oriented to leadership and tourism skills.

Ø  To set up high quality academic staff of the department to support students learning

Curriculum of Faculty Tourism Management