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Saint Paul Institute Delegates Illuminate the 29th ASEACCU Annual Conference 2023 in Baguio City, Philippines, hosted by Saint Louis University.

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  • August 26, 2023

The lovely city of Baguio in the Philippines hosted the 29th ASEACCU Annual Conference from August 21st to 26th, 2023, a gathering of minds focusing on the theme "Global Goals in the Core of our Common Home: A Catholic Response." Saint Louis University (SLU) graciously hosted delegations from several Catholic institutions, including Saint Paul Institute's (SPI) respected 9 representatives.

The conference functioned as a beacon, guiding attendees through debates, workshops, and collaborative efforts aimed at aligning Catholic institutions' goals with global environmental objectives. Delegates from the Saint Paul Institute actively participated in discussions about the particular role that Catholic institutions play in responding to global challenges. Discussions focused on how these institutions might be constructive change agents, infusing compassion and sustainability into the fabric of education. Aside from intellectual debates, the conference promoted cultural interchange and camaraderie among attendees. Saint Paul Institute delegations actively engaged in events that celebrated Asia's rich diversity, forging connections that extend beyond academic bounds.

The Saint Paul Institute delegates shared their distinct perspectives and contributions to the conference, highlighting activities that reflect each institution's dedication to the conference subject. Saint Paul Institute delegates presented the practical application of Catholic ideals in tackling global concerns, whether through new educational initiatives, community engagement, or environmental practices.

Saint Paul Institute delegates left the 29th ASEACCU Annual Conference with a renewed feeling of purpose and inspiration. The conference's insights and connections will undoubtedly shape Saint Paul Institute's future endeavors, contributing to the collective efforts of Catholic institutions in the region to be active participants in achieving global goals and fostering positive change in our shared home.









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