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A great memory day to all former and current lecturer, staffs, and students during Saint Paul Institute Festival Day.

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  • August 14, 2018

Saint Paul Institute Festival day on 11th August 2018 was a great memory day to all former and currently lectures, staffs, students. We were very happy to have time meeting together again. It was more than 500 people including 135 high school students to join this meaningful event in SPI to reach out the target of charity activities to poor families, fraternity and friendship among lecturers and students, exchanges of knowledge and skills through debate, sharing experiences of success story and challenges from former students, inspiration to high school students, contesting with knowledge and responsible, sport competitions, cultural night with different performance and concert, party and dancing together. 

We, SPI would like to express our gratitude to the initiator, faculty members, staffs, lecturers, students who help with responsible to make this event successfully. We, also happy to say thank you very much to our SPI former lecturers and former students that spent their valuable time to join until finished the program with love and friendship. 

Congratulations to our SPI team.















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