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General Information

From an educational perspective, the Department of Agriculture strongly believes that graduated students will be becoming a firm backbone of our knowledge-based society. They are leading researchers who have a high degree of expertise in the area of agriculture to foster innovative science and technology, and who have the ability to research, solve problems with a flexible reasoning capacity, and engage in strategic planning. Toward the realization of our education policy to transform SPI to SPU, the Department of Agriculture has been considering transforming to the Faculty of Agriculture which consists of 03 departments— Department of Agronomy consisting of 03 major skills such as Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy, Associate Degree of Integrated Farming System and Associate Degree of Fruit and Vegetable Production, Department of Animal Science consisting of 02 major skills such as Bachelor of Animal Science and Associate Degree of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Food Science consisting of 02 major skills such as Bachelor Degree of Food Science and Associate Degree of Food Processing. This comprehensive educational system means the department resembles a reached-level entity and is ready while the Saint Paul Institute is transforming to Saint Paul University. To complete a milestone strategy, the department has also diversified screening methods to recruit students with various skill sets and to target the promising students upon they start compiling their research theses and graduating.


The mission of the Department of Agriculture is to realize THE MUST and HAVE-TO of a mindset of students and mankind to sustainably use biological resources, and to realize the evolution of agriculture to harmoniously apply to the global environment. We are glad to inspire our contribution to stabilizing the supply of food and resources, conservation of living things for animals and plants, and health and welfare of human beings through education and research.


To widely achieve the mission, the department has set the following educational system to:

1) develop human resources to respond to the educational policy, and stabilize food security

2) strengthen and enhance farm application to dig out miscellaneous agriculture biological theories

3) improve students with flexible, goal and mission reasoning capacity so that they can reach a target of global-social skill and business-oriented

4) inspire students with a quality mindset, value, responsibility, and high invention

5) encourage students to dive into educational research manner so that they can contribute their knowledge to future generations ultimately.

Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy
Curriculum 4 Years

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