Saint Paul Institute’s Library


The Library of St. Paul Institute is a collection of all kinds of knowledge including books, CDs, videos, dictionaries, and other materials for reading and listening. It is open to all readers and researchers who want to access our service.

SPI Library condition

  • A large building and a quiet environment
  • There are more than 13500 books, available in Khmer and English language
  • The computer LAB for students with air conditioning and Internet connection.
  • The best speed of WiFi for students to access with their own computers or mobile phones
  • E-Library for students to search for available books and borrow books from computers
  • The comfort table for students to read the book in groups and individually  

The SPI Library is located in Angkorki Village, Tapam Commune, Tramkok District, Takeo Province (inside the campus of Saint Paul Institute).

The library will be open every workday from Monday to Friday and will be closed during official Holidays.

Open hours will be from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

  •  SPI library access
    • All staff and registered students of SPI are members of the library.
    • There will be an official membership card that will be issued.
    • Members must bring a library membership card whenever they visit the library.


  • Must have a membership card provided by the institute or Khmer Identity Card
  • Registered in the PMB list
  • Books are allowed to borrow only for one week
  • The borrower can borrow only 3 books at one time
  • A FINE of 500 riels per day will be charged for every OVERDUE book
  • In case a lost or damaged book, it must be paid according to the book’s price