Department of Social Work

Welcome to the Department of Social Work.

The Department of Social Work started as an undergraduate program. Social work courses have been a part of the Institute since 2013. Our Department of Social Work addresses community challenges related to child welfare, mental health, health care, substance use, poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, disability, community empowerment, social justice, the growing elderly population, and social change. We educate students on micro and macro practice and leadership in government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and non-traditional settings. As we plan to meet the emerging challenges facing vulnerable populations, we are also stabilizing and improving our internal materials to build additional capacity and support within our Department.

General Information

Social Work is a catalyst for social change that promotes the strengths of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to enhance the social welfare of our society. Social workers seek to support poor and vulnerable people through the promotion of social justice and respect and compassion for all.

Students in this department will develop a greater understanding of complex social issues using an ecological framework. Students will be oriented to Child Care, Elderly Care, and Mental and Physical Health Care.


To prepare students for social work practice<s> </s>sensitive to the social, economic, cultural, and demographic issues.&nbsp; Within a framework emphasizing professional ethics, social justice, diversity, strengths and community engagement, the Department seeks to equip students with knowledge and skills for effective practice.

  • Prepare students for generalist social work practice;
  • Build educational opportunities that challenge students&rsquo; learning through the development of social work knowledge;
  • Enhance the curricula with the inclusion of global issues such as human rights, social and economic justice, spiritual and religious tolerance, and the interconnectedness of human, social, and political issues.

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