Enrolling for Degree Courses

Saint Paul Institute accepts two kinds of students for its degree and non-degree programs:

  • Scholarship: SPI provides two kinds of scholarship programs to students every year: one through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and another awarded by the Institute to the poorest students who can not afford to pay tuition fees.

In order to be qualified for a scholarship; students have to apply by filling the application form and providing supporting documents to prove that they really come from poor families. Afterwards the scholarship committee will visit the students’s families. Students can obtain scholarships ranging from 25% to 100% according to their social living conditions.

Students can apply for SPI’s scholarship also through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. SPI offers 50 places every year to MoEys to select students from any high schools in Cambodia.

  • Fee-paying: Full fees for each students are 500$/year for Bachelor Degree and $300/year for Associated Degree.

Admission Requirements

All applicants for degree courses whether scholarship or fee-paying must have a High School Certificate or a Diploma from another institution of higher education. Students who have completed high school in the current or the previous academic year may enroll for scholarship places in SPI courses. Prospective students must bring the following documents to the administration office:

  • Application for Admission
  • High School Certificate
  • Recommendation letter from the Chief of village (necessary for scholarship students).
  • Earned a passing score on the entrance exam.


Students who withdraw for one year due to any serious reason (illness or pregnancy) then seek to be reaccepted the following year must complete an application form as soon as possible and send it, along with a letter from a public hospital, to Academic Office for approval. The Department will then inform the students and the Institute if they have permission to resume their studies the following year. These forms are available from the Institute Academic Office. Please note that year one students are not allowed to withdraw.

Continuing Students

All students wishing to continue their study in 2nd, 3rd, 4th year at SPI must complete an application form (together with the certificate of Foundation year Studies to enter into year 2).

Student who would like to change their major of study have to do it in year 2 and to compulsory complete all oriented subjects of that new major required by Foundation Year Department.

Non-Degree Courses

Fees apply for all non-degree courses at the Institute. Please contact to administration office for further information.