The Saint Paul Institute community celebrated Khmer New Year 2024(Sangkran Khmer) with charitable endeavors.

In the midst of the colorful celebrations of the Khmer New Year 2024 (Sangran
Khmer), the Saint Paul Institute (SPI) community united on April 1st, 2024, together
with a parish priest to provide food and rice to 100 elderly and underprivileged
individuals, offering support, shared love, and the blessings of the Easter season. With
smiles, SPI extended a loving, friendly embrace to their fellow brothers and sisters.

The inspirational speech delivered by Dr. Phon Sophal, director of Satin Paul Institute,
to all SPI staff members, students, and participants was consistent with an all-
encompassing approach to education. He added that SPI’s focus on the value of loving
and compassionately helping others is indicative of a profound awareness of how
intertwined all people are. It’s not only about gaining knowledge for oneself; it’s also
about applying that knowledge to improve society. Saint Paul Institute cultivates
responsible and compassionate individuals who make significant contributions to their
communities, in addition to educating students for prosperous careers by teaching
principles like integrity, love, and compassion. Student service and empathy are vital
in the linked world of today, where global problems need to be solved collaboratively.
Additionally, he challenged all students to demonstrate a dedication to building a
society that is more compassionate and serves everyone by empowering them to
contribute to the common good.

The staff and students of Saint Paul Institute embodied the virtues of generosity and
unity that are at the heart of this festive celebration of Sangkran Khmer through their
selfless acts of kindness. In addition to providing energy for the institute’s growth,
Saint Paul Institute’s endeavors nurtured the soul, encouraging a sense of community
among staff members, students, and neighbors surrounding the campus. It became
clear that the true meaning of Sangkran Khmer 2024 at Saint Paul Institute is not just
the celebration of the holiday itself but also the links of love and compassion that bind
us all together as a single family, as the sounds of laughter and thankfulness filled the
atmosphere. Guided by the timeless ideals of empathy and service, the Saint Paul
Institute community renewed their commitment to improving the lives of people in
need with every plate of food served and every smile exchanged.