Bishop Olivier’s Cup 2024 is a sports day held at Saint Paul Institute with the goals of fostering peace and celebrating sports.

The Bishop’s Cup 2024 was held at Saint Paul Institute on May 1, 2024. Over 1100
people from 23 different locations in the Phnom Penh Vicariate attended the event,
which featured a day full of exciting football, volleyball, basketball, and petanque
competitions. The events started at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 5:30 p.m.

Through the global language of sports, this yearly sporting event aimed to promote
peace and harmony in addition to the joy of victory. Bishop Olivier emphasized in
his speech to the attendees the value of these athletic activities in fostering
interpersonal harmony and understanding, as well as openness and communities to
foster joy and peace. He continued with the approaching Olympic Games in Paris,
France, as inspiration. Bishop Olivier emphasized the important message of peace
that is present in the spirit of sportsmanship. He reminded everyone of the
significant role sports play in breaking down boundaries and fostering solidarity
and peace as the globe gets ready to see athletes from all backgrounds unite on the
global stage.

The headline “Sports bring health, friendship, brotherhood, forgiveness, and
peace”—which is deeply rooted in sportsmanship—was the main focus of the
bishop’s speech. It was a moving reminder of sporting ideals that transcend
competition and promote relationships across social, cultural, and geographic
boundaries. These ideals are the foundation of athletic pursuits. Bishop Olivier’s
Cup 2024 provided a platform for developing deep relationships and enduring
friendships, in addition to the thrill of the competition. People from all walks of
life gathered together, united by their love of sports and their wish for harmony and

Upon completion of the competition, all athletes desire to spread the idea of sports
in harmony with the community, promoting the virtues of wellness, fellowship,
fraternity, and harmony beyond the playing field. Because sports bring people
together and foster unity, there is hope for a more peaceful, joyful future where
everyone can live in harmony.

Saint Paul Institute-SPI, Cambodia