First-year students at Saint Paul Institute (SPI) in the first semester of 2024 are happy with their study at SPI through different activities.

In the first semester of 2024 at Saint Paul Institute (SPI), first-year students embarked on an enriching academic journey, beginning with an entrance examination designed to assess their readiness for higher education, followed by well-rounded orientation for both regulation and academic programs. Throughout the semester, students engaged in traditional classroom learning, where they entered into a diverse range of subjects and disciplines, laying the foundation for their academic pursuits. However, in addition to the rigors of academic study, students have also undergone a midterm examination to evaluate their progress and comprehension of the course material, providing valuable feedback to guide their learning.

Beyond the classroom, SPI fosters an important extracurricular community, offering students the opportunity to explore and cultivate their talents and interests. Through various associate clubs, students can immerse themselves in activities such as sports, music, art, English speaking, and agriculture, allowing them to develop valuable skills, make new friendships, and broaden their horizons. As they navigate their first semester at SPI, students will not only excel academically but also discover and nurture their passions, laying the groundwork for a fulfilling and successful college experience.

Saint Paul Institute (SPI).